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The “S” Word

One of the major reasons we decided to blog, was the fact we couldn’t find what we wanted in regular media.

To help the media back on track we offer the following opinion/insight:

  1. The common man (or woman or child) no longer considers prior steroid use in baseball as news.  As a mom I appreciate the investigative journalism efforts that went in to instigating and developing this story years ago.  Our children are better off for it.  Please take those talents and put them to use solving some of the problems out there that continue to exist; quit beating this dead horse.
  2. There is a difference between tabloid/entertainment writing and investigative journalism:  (a)  If timing the story for maximum effect and notice are involved, it’s tabloid/entertainment writing.  (b)  If a prosecutor comes out and says there are significant problems with a story, admit you have blown it.
  3. Our democracy is based on innocence until being proven guilty.  As a parent I want role models for my child who epitomize grit, determination, and hard work.  Please don’t deprive our society of that on a whim or for a byline.
  4. Investigative journalists provide an invaluable service in any society, but especially a democratic one.   Our society still has many ills that need resolution.  You can make a difference, but not by following this path.

Thanks for listening,

An American Mom


Interesting today the LA Times announced the firing of its publisher. 

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