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Thoughts and Prayers for Chris Burke


Today Chris Burke is undergoing shoulder surgery.  Let’s keep him in our prayers and thoughts.

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Update – 10/5/2006 – 4:17PM CST:  Report indicated Chris has come through surgery and is expected to fully recover.  Related Story –


The “S” Word

One of the major reasons we decided to blog, was the fact we couldn’t find what we wanted in regular media.

To help the media back on track we offer the following opinion/insight:

  1. The common man (or woman or child) no longer considers prior steroid use in baseball as news.  As a mom I appreciate the investigative journalism efforts that went in to instigating and developing this story years ago.  Our children are better off for it.  Please take those talents and put them to use solving some of the problems out there that continue to exist; quit beating this dead horse.
  2. There is a difference between tabloid/entertainment writing and investigative journalism:  (a)  If timing the story for maximum effect and notice are involved, it’s tabloid/entertainment writing.  (b)  If a prosecutor comes out and says there are significant problems with a story, admit you have blown it.
  3. Our democracy is based on innocence until being proven guilty.  As a parent I want role models for my child who epitomize grit, determination, and hard work.  Please don’t deprive our society of that on a whim or for a byline.
  4. Investigative journalists provide an invaluable service in any society, but especially a democratic one.   Our society still has many ills that need resolution.  You can make a difference, but not by following this path.

Thanks for listening,

An American Mom


Interesting today the LA Times announced the firing of its publisher. 

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Blog Fave: SS Adam Everett #28

Houston Heat Favorite:  Adam Everett


Yahoo Sports Photo/AP Photo David J. Phillip — Adam Everett Literally Sweeping the Cardinals after completing a double play.

One of the first things we wanted to do was give "props" to our team’s unsung heroes, and Adam Everett tops our list.

His batting average seems to get lots of notice.  Makes you wonder if people forget that half of the game is played with a bat in your hand, the other half with a glove on it. 

We’re not sure anyone is better with a glove on his hand right now (but we do admit to not being  objective.)  He’s so much fun to watch in the infield, I’m not sure how anyone could complain about his batting average.   I didn’t have time to research, but I remember he had several hits during the last 10 games.  I remember one in the 9th with 2 outs against Atlanta, but he was unfortunately left on base.

Hopefully he’ll get the credit he’s due outside of Houston soon, with a Golden Glove.  He was in the top 5 of NL shortstops for fielding percentage, range factor, double plays and errors.  No other NL shortstop ranked in the top 5 in those categories.  (Stats – — for NL SS with more than 500 innings played:)

  • Errors  — 7  (3rd)
  • Double Plays — 105 (3rd)
  • Range Factor — 4.74 (4th)
  • Fielding Percentage — .990 (2nd)

The NL shortstop Golden Glove went to Omar Vizquel (San Fran) in 2005 (his 10th).  This year Omar finished in the top 5 in only two of the above categories.  His 2005 winning stats were:

  • Errors  — 8
  • Double Plays — 81
  • Range Factor — 4.6
  • Fielding Percentage — .988

The 2005 AL shortstop Golden Glove went to Derek Jeter (NYY).  His stats were:

  • Errors — 15
  • Double Plays — 96
  • Range Factor — 4.76
  • Fielding Percentage of .975

Clearly, Adam’s numbers are deserving on their own, but watching him play clinches it.

I think the awards are coming out at the end of October.  Cross your fingers for our Houston favorite to come home with it.

Thanks Adam — It was sure fun to watch this year.

More on Adam Everett — Player Page from

Houston Heat Blog – About Us

During September we were so caught up in the Astros run and couldn’t find enough about our team.  So we started a place of our own.  Welcome.

Our philosphy:  This is a fan blog, not a "gripe" blog. 

Around here, if you can’t catch six or seven dozen 90mph fastballs a night and still hold a bat, you can’t moan about Ausmus’ batting average.  If you can’t turn 105 double plays, with only 7 errors, and a fielding percentage of 990, then you aren’t qualified to complain about Everett either.  There are plenty of other sites for you.

We’re under construction now, but will be updating this sight regularly.

Houston Heat Blog Team