Blog Fave: SS Adam Everett #28

Houston Heat Favorite:  Adam Everett


Yahoo Sports Photo/AP Photo David J. Phillip — Adam Everett Literally Sweeping the Cardinals after completing a double play.

One of the first things we wanted to do was give "props" to our team’s unsung heroes, and Adam Everett tops our list.

His batting average seems to get lots of notice.  Makes you wonder if people forget that half of the game is played with a bat in your hand, the other half with a glove on it. 

We’re not sure anyone is better with a glove on his hand right now (but we do admit to not being  objective.)  He’s so much fun to watch in the infield, I’m not sure how anyone could complain about his batting average.   I didn’t have time to research, but I remember he had several hits during the last 10 games.  I remember one in the 9th with 2 outs against Atlanta, but he was unfortunately left on base.

Hopefully he’ll get the credit he’s due outside of Houston soon, with a Golden Glove.  He was in the top 5 of NL shortstops for fielding percentage, range factor, double plays and errors.  No other NL shortstop ranked in the top 5 in those categories.  (Stats – — for NL SS with more than 500 innings played:)

  • Errors  — 7  (3rd)
  • Double Plays — 105 (3rd)
  • Range Factor — 4.74 (4th)
  • Fielding Percentage — .990 (2nd)

The NL shortstop Golden Glove went to Omar Vizquel (San Fran) in 2005 (his 10th).  This year Omar finished in the top 5 in only two of the above categories.  His 2005 winning stats were:

  • Errors  — 8
  • Double Plays — 81
  • Range Factor — 4.6
  • Fielding Percentage — .988

The 2005 AL shortstop Golden Glove went to Derek Jeter (NYY).  His stats were:

  • Errors — 15
  • Double Plays — 96
  • Range Factor — 4.76
  • Fielding Percentage of .975

Clearly, Adam’s numbers are deserving on their own, but watching him play clinches it.

I think the awards are coming out at the end of October.  Cross your fingers for our Houston favorite to come home with it.

Thanks Adam — It was sure fun to watch this year.

More on Adam Everett — Player Page from



  1. Thomas

    Just some stats.. the last 10 games Adam went 8 for 33 for a .242 average. He did go 3 for 4 in the first game against Atlanta.

    People wouldn’t make a big deal about Adam’s batting average(offense in general) if the rest of the Astros were better offensively… but it’s hard to field a productive team when your team has the worst batting average in the league(.255).

  2. M

    Thanks for the info.

    I’m sure you are right about the “why.” We’re just hoping to educate/influence and don’t think Adam deserves the negativity.


    As a loyal Astors fan i am really disappointed in the way the team is managed. 1st disappoitment came when Phil Garner pulled Sampson out in the 5th inning with a lead only to let the bull pen throw the game away. The second is when he let the game get away after relieving Wandy Rodriguez, I know the pitch count was high and this move was necessary, but there were other pitchers with good pitches on the bench. Why didnt he try to use one of them? Qualls or Wheeler. I am in Japan listening to every game on the computer. I have been to and watched Japanese gamaes here. There are good pitchers here. They might want to consider coming here and sigining one. I am getting angry with the Astros. I have been a very big fan since the were the colts. But this has to be one of the worst coaches I have seen. Even when they went to the World Series I was not impressed with Phil Garner.

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